Why Excell?

Excell is a business development service and your go-to resource for small businesses and personal brand development. We offer mentorship, courses, products, and services to help you build your brand and develop your small business.


Google ads work!I appreciate your support and dedication to our success.

Kayla Brown

"Module 10 is hitting it on the nail for me! Thanks Roxell Richards"

Lastacia Howard

"We were hired by Marcus Lemonis to install two designs for his new show on HGTV. Thank You!!"

Kerry Lindo

"My google ad is now active. Also, I did apply for the grant with COH and Fort Bend. Fort Bend called me back asking for additional information. I submitted the requested documents and I'm waiting to hear back."

Sydney Gilmore

"Just wanted to tell you thank you for all the great advice, information and sacrifices you have made to help me and all of us. I appreciate everything you have done and are doing"

Marcus Hedman

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My Business Builder

A customizable and organized business binder containing all of the guides, worksheets, and workbooks you need to start, launch or grow your business. This binder is the companion to our signature program, start, launch, grow which comes with all 15 dividers all organized and compatible with our modules from the program. You can place all of our worksheets, e-books, and guides in this section